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WITHDRAWAL / RETURNS (Greek to English: Google Translator)

All buyers are obliged upon receipt of each order to unpack and check the products they have ordered and to notify the Store in case of aesthetics or other defects. Upon receipt it will be considered that all products have been received in excellent condition.


Buyers upon receipt of shipment of the products have the right to withdraw unjustifiably within 14 days and to request the price paid by returning the products to their original condition in their entirety and their packaging in excellent condition. In case the products are returned partially or totally damaged or incomplete, the Store has the right to request compensation from the buyer. The return of these products is accepted, provided that the buyers have primarily paid any amount charged to the Store for the shipment and return of the products to it. The return of the product should be done together with all the additional documents that accompanied it such as e.g. retail receipt, invoice etc.

Returns with charge of the Store

Upon receipt of an order, buyers can return the products they have received and ask for the price they paid or request the replacement of the products in cases where the order is executed incorrectly, ie in cases where a product other than the one delivered was was ordered, in kind or quantity, or in cases where on delivery the product has packaging completely or for the most part damaged and in cases where a product is found to be defective.
In these cases, the buyer must either not accept the receipt of the order from the beginning or request its return after consultation with the Store. In case the products of an order are not returned within the agreed time, the Store is entitled not to accept their return and therefore to refuse their replacement.
The return of the order and these products should be done together with all the documents that accompanied it, such as e.g. forms, labels, retail receipt, invoice, etc.

Order cancellation

The cancellation of the order can be done in the following cases:
a)  Before an order is completed, during the electronic ordering process the buyer can remove the products from the shopping cart.
b)  In case the electronic process has been completed but another order has not been sent, you can call the Store at 210 9242427, the Store’s order manager will cancel your order. Alternatively you can contact us via the Email of the Store
c)  In case your order has been shipped, the withdrawal procedure mentioned above is followed.